Available on PC via Steam on June 27, 2017

“THE SINGULAR AGE OF PERSIA” (Game of the Year 2016)

“THE GAME OF THE YEAR” (Game of the Decade)

“AWARD WINNER” (Game of the Year)


“THE PRACTICAL GOD GAME OF THE YEAR” (iPhone Game of the Year)


From the makers of “PRIVATE SECTOR” and “MILLIONAIRE AGENT”!

Beautiful and evocative graphics present a world full of hidden traps and a large variety of monsters.

“The God Game” series finally combines strategy RPG elements and role-playing elements in a unique online setting!

“It’s a great game, with a variety of different paths that will keep you playing until the end.”

9/10 – TouchArcade

“Unlike games like Diablo, which build to a massive boss fight, Divinity: Original Sin comes from the opposite direction, and is actually more engaging when you’re plowing through a series of small puzzles and exploits.”

9/10 – VentureBeat

“The characters are compelling, the combat is excellent and the randomization of the game is just about perfect. What’s most special of all is that Larian has created this amazing adventure game with a focus on the setting, rather than pure content.”

9/10 – GameSpot

“Divinity: Original Sin is a great RPG and RPG Kickstarter to back.”

9.5/10 – Game Revolution

“Divinity: Original Sin boasts an engaging narrative that features good characters and a lot of loot to find. If you like RPGs with a focus on the world and story as much as me, I highly recommend you give this game a chance.”

9/10 – Gaming Revolution

“Divinity: Original Sin is the kind of RPG I love to play. I’ve never enjoyed a game quite as much as Divinity: Original Sin.”

9/10 – Gamers World

“It’s not a sequel but it’s not a remaster either, it’s definitely a game in its own right.”

9/10 –


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Voice Arts!
    Select from over 30 voice actresses to dub dialogue!
  • Develop.
    Speed up your growth with the addition of stat boosts from challenging battles.
    Attack your enemies’ magic attacks with powerful-yet-avoidable weapons and armor, and use upgraded magic with increasing power as your characters become stronger.
  • Customize.
    Designate outfitting items that modify the stats and attributes of your armor and armor sets. Better modify your gear, rather than producing it.
    A variety of weapon and armor sets provide stats of your own, and you’ll be able to combine and modify them freely.

    Features of Elden Ring (V1.0):

    • Customization of armor: different armor sets have different attributes.
      A green armor set means that it’s faster to generate, while an orange set provides better protections.
      Outfitting items such as the helmet, suit, gloves, and armbands increase the stats of the armor sets you equip, as well as deal damage more quickly.
    • Customization of weapons:
      As you raise your character stats, you’ll equip powerful weapons that also produce armor. For example, when you raise your stamina to grow physically, you’ll also be able to use a combat hammer that produces an orange armor set.

      A punch is much more powerful than a hammer.
      These items can be upgraded to boost stats and power further.

      Speedy construction: You can immediately call out a battleplan that you can share with other players.

    • PvP will be available.
      Allow you to fight and defeat other players who aren’t on your team.
      Enemies won’t be limited to your own team members, so feel free to attack anyone.
      If you’re a true player who never loses, you can rule in your own world as long as you play perfectly!
    • Dungeons!
      One of the key features of the game is the dungeons!
      All the monsters and traps that can be found on the overworld can be discovered in dungeons, allowing you to fight them.
      Additionally, defeating enemies and monsters in the dungeons will give you experience points


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      ・”Amazing world with an illusion of being left in the middle of nowhere after a sudden infection, and the extraordinary dungeon designs and wonderful combat animations. A masterpiece.”
      ・”Highly-breathtaking environments and a mysterious story make this the story of an RPG you can’t miss.”
      ・”Despite one-sided matchmaking, this game is recommended for those who enjoy action RPGs.”
      ・”It took its time, but now that it’s finally here, is this the RPG you’ve been waiting for?”



      Play as Tarnished, a lowly caster who finds himself in a difficult situation, and rise from a virtual dungeon.

      The core features of Elden Ring Full Crack 2 are:
      · Shareable Dungeons
      Over 100 dungeons with a variety of situations can be shared among up to 8 players.
      · The First Action RPG in Character Formation in the Online Play
      New characters are formed by taking advantage of their strengths and weakness
      · 7 Chapters of Main Story
      The seven chapters of main story have a variety of dungeons and different obstacles such as friendly units, monsters, treasures, etc.
      · Multiplayer Battle
      Up to 8 players can compete against each other in the battle arena of a multistory dungeon.


      The new fantasy action RPG, which is Erotic Monster’s 2nd game.
      ・Erotic Monster is an author who made a fantasy action game which captures the emotions of a tense moment and echoes the fantasy of a dark hero with a variety of original tracks.
      ・Looking over the 1st game: “Amazing world with an illusion of being left in the middle of nowhere after a sudden infection, and the extraordinary dungeon designs and wonderful combat animations. A masterpiece.”
      ・Looking over the 2nd game: “Highly-breathtaking environments and a mysterious story make this the story of an RPG you can’t miss.”
      ・Looking over the 3rd game: “Despite one-sided matchmaking, this game is recommended for those who enjoy action RPGs.”
      ・Looking over


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      Endless online warfare
      • MMO action game
      Chill and enjoy an action game world where you have the freedom to act freely in an all-new combat scene. View quests, loot weapons and armor, or engage in fights with other players.

      The fantasy world of the Lands Between

      • Popular fantasy world
      Take on the challenging task of discovering the Lands Between and find yourself in a fantasy world brimming with life. Explore a world where every single day and every single part of the landscape are a vital part of the story.
      • An Expansive World
      A world where open fields and bustling cities are seamlessly connected with vast and threatening dungeons.

      I was able to get my hands on this earlier today (09/16/2012) but Amazon and the eShop Europe still weren’t letting me download it (which is probably why the titles to be regional and region specific). I do hope it comes over to Europe and I do hope that we Europeans will get the same re-releases that we get in America.

      There is currently an English Subtitles version available for download and as always, I can’t stress that this is the English version. Due to the fact that this was released earlier in the day (first saw it a few hours ago) than the US release, I have not been able to get a review of the new PQ yesterday. That will come sometime tomorrow sometime.

      In the meantime, here’s a list of everything that’s available right now in the European eShop:

      A New Legend (also called The Legend Reborn or The Legend Reborn: Chapter 1) – $6.99 (€5.99)

      A New Legend (also called The Legend Reborn or The Legend Reborn: Chapter 1) – €5.99

      Lost and Dangerous (also called Lost and Dangerous: Chapter 1) – $7.49 (€6.39)

      The Navel – $9.99 (€8.99)

      The Navel (also called The Navel Episode 1: The Final Round) – €9.99

      You can also pick them up in bundles for €12.99 (

      A New Legend


      What’s new in Elden Ring:


      Swipe with your hand over the screen to move forward.
      Tap to use your weaponry or cast magic.

      Goblin King Online Gameplay Trailer 1

      P.S. You can Play the Game Yourself at


      Directed by TETSUO OTSUKA,

      Storywriter: TETSUO OTSUKA,

      Co-Producer: HARUYO KOTANI,


      Development: SESSION,

      Music: SAIIA ABE,

      Art design: HIROKAZU TOYOSHINO,

      Art Direction: HIROKAZU TOYOSHINO,

      Character design/Main model: YUKI YAMAMOTO,

      Director of photography: SOMITA MASAYA,

      Co-Director of photography: HYEOGON KIM,

      Sound Director: YUICHI TATSUMI,

      Sound conversion: THOMAS OTANI,

      Composer: MOTOKO ENDO,

      English script: WEOHAN NAGAOKA,

      Game plan editor: HIDEYO TOKUSUBOU,

      Sound editor:


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      There is no doubt about the fact that the cool cut scene is probably the best gameplay element of this game. The cut scenes basically take place in a 3D environment that has been positioned as the “world of the game.” All of the cut scenes are produced as good as the game itself. They contain all the puzzle solving and dynamic gameplay that the game puts out there. The cut scenes are rather short but give the player a sense that they are up to something exciting, and also feel like they are a part of the world in which they are happening. This was a great idea on the part of the developers because they were able to create this interactivity with the cut scenes. While you are watching the cut scenes you feel as if you were taking part in the situation that the characters are in, and I think that this is something that truly adds to the player’s enjoyment of the game. One interesting thing about the cut scenes is that they often feature the use of a limited color pallet, which I like a lot. The cut scenes are not fully animated, but they have the look and feel that you would normally expect from an RPG or action game.

      Game the quest:

      When you select the character you want to play as, the game will give you a key for the player’s key. The player’s key is used to open the player’s house on the island where the player lives and also to unlock the doors to the areas on the island. As you explore the various areas on the island you will see doors that will require the player’s key. Unfortunately, the player’s key is always found on the island and you are not allowed to carry it around with you when you explore new areas. It isn’t a problem though, because you can find a key for the player’s key on other islands around the world. As you explore the world of the game you will find a variety of puzzles and environments to solve, and most puzzles have more than one solution. Many of these puzzles are fairly easy to figure out and are part of the game’s overall design. Some of the puzzles that you are faced with in the game are a little difficult to figure out and require a little bit more thought, but the solutions to these puzzles are never too hard to find. There are basically three types of puzzles you will find when you explore in the world of the game. These are the puzzle where you are


      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Tarnished World Official Game
    • Revision de White Balance Mantle
    • Pipe Works Official Game
    • Stoneforge Official Game

    Sun, 13 Jul 2017 14:09:42 +0000A new fantasy action RPG is currently under development!

    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment.
    • Create your Own Character
    In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.



    • Tarnished World Official Game
    • Revision de White Balance Mantle
    • Pipe Works Official Game
    • Stoneforge Official Game



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Requires a Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 computer with an Intel 3.0Ghz or faster processor, 4GB RAM, and a 512MB or greater video card.
    It is recommended to be at least 15 years of age.
    The game will run on a 512MB video card.
    If you experience issues on older systems, it will still run.
    Do you own an Xbox? The game runs on the Xbox One’s dashboard and not the Xbox 360’s.
    Subtitles are available in English, French,


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