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However, beginners can use many other applications as well to manipulate images, such as any of the image-editing programs in the GIMP (free image editing software), Paint Shop Pro, Fireworks (Mac only), or other programs listed in Chapter 3.

Understanding the more complex Photoshop editing options

Photoshop has a number of tools and options that allow you to modify an image in many ways to your liking. This chapter outlines the most common editing and retouching tools and gives you information on the many tools that are available in the various options menus.

Recovering an image from a crash

Photoshop has a very extensive Crash Recovery feature that attempts to recover your image if it crashes. It brings back the most recent image you saved and minimizes the chance of losing an image. However, in a genuine crash, you might have to spend some time trying to complete the editing process with the new image.

To turn on Crash Recovery for saving images:

1. Choose File⇒Automate⇒Crash Recovery.

This opens the Crash Recovery dialog box, as shown in Figure 12-1.

2. From the Crash-Recovery dialog box, click OK.

3. Click the Recover Files button.

Photoshop starts looking for the most recent image that you saved and attempts to save it for you. If it is successful, it replaces the original image on the Open dialog box with the recovered image.

4. If you have multiple copies of the same image in your library, Photoshop continues to search for the image until it finds it.

**Figure 12-1:** The Crash Recovery dialog box.

Photoshop 9 introduced a new function to enable you to save files to networked drives or servers. Before this release, you couldn’t save files to a server. This feature does require an additional driver install. Check your version of Photoshop to make sure this option works for you.

Toning an image to create a vintage look

One of the most common modifications that photographers make to a photo is to add toning to the image so that it looks old.

You don’t have to be a master of Photoshop to achieve an aged look. In Photoshop, you can increase the overall image contrast and remove some of the image detail to produce the aged appearance. When you achieve a good effect, you can then convert the image to either a true-color RGB (Red, Green

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The built-in Drawing and Photo tools are the best choices if you are looking for a simple way of editing your graphics or photos. The most recommended tool is the photo enhancements brush pack, which includes more than 50 of the world’s most popular filters:

Bring back the past with the vintage filters pack. It has 32 filters to create an aged look.

Enhance colors with the photo tricks pack. It has 24 photo-pinch tools, 10 photo retouch tools and 8 photo filters.

Change the mood of the subject with the animation pack. It has 40 animation tools.

You can even create your own brushes, a process that requires very little technical expertise. In fact, this is the easiest way to create advanced graphic tools that you can use in Photoshop.

To create a new brush in Photoshop Elements, go to Edit > Define Brush.

Select the brush engine you want to use. If you want to change the size of a brush, you can do that.

Select the brush shape, which determines how the brush behaves. The most recommended shape is 3 o’clock. You can also use o’clock, sickle, or mushroom.

For the brush size, use the sliders below. For more details about the brush engine, see here.

Make new custom brushes. There are lots of different shapes. You can add any of them to the toolbox.

Note: it is advisable to test your custom brush before applying it to an image. The photo above is a ready-to-use custom brush.

Photo manipulation features

Apply effects

You can add effects, spot lighting, a glint, and more.

To add a filter, you have to click on the dialog box. Then you can adjust the settings.

By default, the Shadow, Blur, and Gradient options are opened. You can see the setting in the dialog box by clicking the little eye icon in the top-left corner.

Tip: Photoshop Elements comes with several filters already applied. You can delete them by clicking on the trash can icon in the top-right corner of the dialog box.

Add effects

To see how to remove effects, take a look at the section “Photo manipulation features” above. If you want to add a different effect to an image, go to Image > Effects > Adjustment

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What’s New in the?

Brushes are available in a variety of sizes. They can be used to create subtle color changes or very bright colors.
Create new brushes by clicking on the Brush tool and clicking on New. You can then type in the name for the new brush.

All brushes are compatible with Smart Objects.
Brushes are not the only option for painting, however. You can use layers or selections to paint. Layers allow you to change the appearance of an image simply by changing the appearance of its individual layers. Selections simply make the selection content visible in a layer.
Selections can be created using any of the selection tools. You can create a rough sketch with the magic wand. Selections can be refined using the polygonal lasso tool. Layers are most useful in the context of a group edit. Layer groups allow you to combine several layers into a single layer. Layer groups contain groups of layers, along with a layer mask. You can combine layer groups into even more complex arrangements. Layers can be combined or dragged back and forth in the stack. To combine layers, use the Layer menu and choose Combine into a New Layer.
You can edit a layer mask using the Layer menu and choose Adjust Mask.
To edit a layer, click on it once. This places the cursor in the Layer menu with the layer name selected. You can then use the tools described in the Layouts section to edit the layer.
You can change the appearance of your layers by using a layer style. A layer style affects the appearance of an object in the layer. For example, you can specify that any parts of the layer should be colored red.
You can edit a layer style by using the Layer menu and choosing Layer Style. You can create your own layer styles using the Layer Style palette.
Combining a layer style and a layer is a powerful means for managing layer appearances. You can create a layer style that affects all layers in the layer group. Then you can use the Adjustments panel to change the appearance of individual layers independently of the layer group.

The Adjustments panel contains settings that are useful for changing the appearance of an image. They include everything from color settings and cropping the image to adding a colored, textured layer mask.
You can use the Adjustments panel to change the appearance of an individual layer. For example, you can change the white balance, contrast, and brightness of any individual layer. You can also use the Adjustments panel to create your own layer styles

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