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When you start learning a new language, you need every help you can get, so a dedicated translation application can surely come handy.
Crow Translate is one such solution that uses several engines to provide you with the most accurate translations (Google, Yandex and Bing).
Minimalist GUI
The main window of the app is as straightforward as possible, without any frills. As you would expect, you get the left panel where you need to enter the source text, and the right panel where the translation is displayed.
You get to select the source language, as well as the target one. Unlike other similar utilities, you can create a list of destination languages, then easily switch between them with a single mouse click.
If you want to get an in-depth definition of a single word, Crow Translate display information like any dictionary would: the type of part of speech, the translation and various examples for context.
Supports text to speech
Another aspect that helps Crow Translate stand out in the crowd is its text to speech function. Basically, it can read aloud text of any panel, you only need to press the Play button.
This way, you can listen to the text in the background, while you focus on your project.
Hotkey support
You can enjoy the functions of Crow Translate even when you work in other programs.
As soon as you stumble across a sentence, phrase or word you want to view the translation for, select it and press the corresponding hotkey. The main window of the app is automatically displayed, along with the definition you were looking for.
To sum it up
In a nutshell, Crow Translate is a feature-packed solution for all those who often need to quickly translate sentences to more than one language. Due to the extensive hotkey support, all the processes can be not only simplified, but also accelerated.







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Crow Translate Crack+ Full Product Key [Updated]

A simple tool designed for translation that can be used wherever you work
✅It works fast
✅It’s easy to use
✅It supports many languages
✅It’s hotkeyable
✅It reads aloud the translation of any word or phrase
This is Crow Translate. It’s a simple tool designed for translation that can be used wherever you work. Instead of typing a word on your keyboard, you can just select it from any application you’re using and get the translation.
Crow Translate provides the exact translation in all languages. Thanks to the extra engines available on our site, we can provide you with the most precise translations across the widest range of languages.
To make sure Crow Translate always works, we’ve included a dictionary engine. It searches for the translated definition of any word instantly.
To start using Crow Translate, simply select a word on the screen and press a hotkey. The translation will appear in the application window instantly.
Crow Translate Features:
✅Hotkey support
✅Simplified workflow
✅Optional definition tooltip
✅Overview of translated word in context
✅Read aloud the translation of any word or phrase
Easy installation
For an easy installation, you can use an import file. The file contains information about all the languages used on the site. You can use this file to import the settings for your favorite applications.
If your favorite applications are installed on the system, you can load their settings with the software manager. If they are not installed, you will need to download and install them manually.
All you need to do to get the best translation results is to specify what application you would like to use as a translation source.
For more advanced users, you can configure the program directly from the files.
Language support
You can quickly translate any text to 47 different languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Czech, Hungarian, Hungarian, Swedish, Croatian, Croatian, Greek, Norwegian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian, Polish, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Catalan, Ukrainian, Slovak, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Polish and Vietnamese.
You can also try the Chrome Extension or send us an email:
Language files
After installation, you can choose the languages you want to be recognized. The localization files allow you

What’s New in the?

Powerful and user-friendly interface.
Tons of features.
Accurate and timely translations.
Integrated Windows Live Search.
Possibility to change language settings.
Language switching by a single click.
Functional text to speech.
Search through the translations of the Internet.
Work with virtually any files (source or target).
Supports multiple files.
Wordlist files.
First of its kind: two-way text to speech for individual words.
Right-click on the word you want to hear the translation of.
Generate a few phrases to hear the translation of a paragraph.
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